Two people sentenced to two years in prison for stealing in the Jungle Park Águilas de Tenerife and in a house

The Prosecutor of the Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has reached a sentence pursuant to two accused of Stole for which both agree to comply two years in jail each one for a crime of robbery with force in a home and another, in an attempted degree, in a leisure establishment.

The events date back to February 10, 2020 around five in the morning when one of the convicted, along with other people who have not been identified, entered the theme park. Jungle Park Águilas del Teide climbing the wall, accessing the company’s office area, fracturing some doors and practicing the butron on the wall.

They then tampered with and dismantled the alarm system in order to gain access to the safe. The beatings alerted the guard who, by yelling at them, caused the identified offender to flee, leaving behind a sports bag with material to fulfill his plans. Moments later the police arrived, checked the damage and collected the prints.

Subsequently, on April 24, 2021, the two convicted men went to a living place in the orotava Knowing that it was empty. Once in the kitchen they took food, an alarm switchboard that was in the owner’s bag, a Rolex watch, another from Cartier, twenty trays and silver items, jewelry, a television, and perfumes, among other pieces.

Once they arrived at the garage, they stole the van that was there, carrying the stolen effects inside. Finally, upon reaching their destination, they took a fire extinguisher and discharged it inside the vehicle, totally destroying it.

When the owners returned to the house at noon on April 24, they checked the damage caused and the effects stolen. They then notified the police, whose agents informed them that days before they had noticed the presence of the two criminals in the surroundings.

The owners quantified the amount of theft at 127,350 euros, while the appraisers set the amount at 105,500 and 2,800 for the value of the vehicle.

Of all the stolen effects, the insurance has only paid them a little more than 26,000 euros, but they claim the corresponding to the watches for a value of 5,000.

The defendants must also pay 1,000 euros to cover the damage caused and return 70,700 euros for the items stolen and not returned and 2,800 for destroying a vehicle.

On July 20 of that year, the Court authorized the entry and search of the home of the two defendants, seizing a large part of what they had stolen from the La Orotava home.

Various items were also found in the car of one of those already convicted, such as branded bags, perfumes or 26 bottles of wine, among others. After remaining in provisional prison, one of them has returned 3,000 euros and the other 2,500.

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