The Prosecutor’s Office requests jail for two civil guards for falsifying a fine to harm the brother-in-law of one of them

The Santa Cruz de Tenerife Prosecutor’s Office requests that two civil guards be sentenced to five years in prison for each as alleged perpetrators of the falsification of a fine to harm the relative of one of them.

Allegedly, both jointly and previously agreed to sanction their brother-in-law for driving the vehicle without compulsory insurance.

The infraction would have taken place at 6:30 p.m., at which time it was impossible for the car to be running since during those days it remained in a mechanical workshop for repair, but one of the accused agents wrote the complaint and the other stamped his signature on it.

When the sanctioned presented the statement of discharge, the civil guards chose to write and sign a report in which, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, “events that could not occur in reality” were reported.

For example, it was stated that the infraction had been committed on a different day than the one initially indicated, but on that date the accused had provided service at a different time than the one on which the false infraction had allegedly been committed.

The Public Ministry maintains that the two civil guards committed an alleged continued crime of forgery of public documents.

In addition to the prison sentences and disqualification for five years to perform functions in any body and security forces at the state level, a 20-month fine is requested with a daily quota of eight euros.

During the trial scheduled for next week, the workshop manager, other agents and a Civil Guard sergeant and a handwriting expert will be present to certify the veracity of the allegedly falsified documents.

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