The Innovation and Responsible Business Forum returns to Tenerife

The Innovation and Responsible Business Forum will meet again on November 3 at the Tenerife Auditorium. This meeting, now in its seventh edition, brings together professionals from top-level national and international companies to share their experiences in a conference focused on management and innovation at the service of entrepreneurs. Also to young entrepreneurs who seek inspiration to achieve their goals.

As its organizers comment, year after year Geiser has been evolving and promoting concepts such as purpose, mission, legacy, circular economy, business ethics or positive impact, to give an answer and meaning to the question “what is a humanistic economy?”.

They affirm that the meeting puts the focus on the core skills or skills that help us move forward in the face of the social and environmental challenges we face, with the aim of becoming healthy organizations.

Inspirational talks and participatory sessions

The seventh edition of the event will begin with its usual schedule tomorrow with the presentations of five professionals who will convey their experience and the know-how (knowing how) through small pills of knowledge, with talks of no more than 30 minutes. And as a novelty there will be different sessions of participatory debates-workshops, which have the objective of transcending the value of people and facing a new paradigm that competes, integrates and makes everyone responsible. For this, actions will be discussed and sought to make companies, entities and organizations become authentic environments and contexts of human promotion.

Geiser, organized by BIPLAZA Strategic Accompaniment since 2015, will count from this year 2022 with the close collaboration of the Institutional Chair of Healthy Organizations, Welfare and Social Innovation (OSBIS) of the University of La Laguna, on whom it relies to carry out these new dynamics, since it stands out in this field for its innovative actions, among which are the creation of the School of Skills and Well-being Casas de Colores to Learn to bring the university closer to citizens. And the Social Innovation Observatory for the analysis and implementation of lines of research that will offer a public service with impact.

All the invited companies are conceived as healthy organizations, that is, business environments in which people can fully develop. Companies that reconcile, that help the worker to exploit his talent but providing value and support through care, respect, promotion, training and true ethics in the management of material and human resources. Only in this way can the company become an instrument of social transformation with great impact.

Geyser, a solidarity event

The promoters of the event agree that over the years Geiser has evolved into a movement of people who believe that companies are there to win, but also to make society as a whole win by generating a more humane or humanistic economy.

They emphasize that the forum has become a forward-thinking community open to the promotion of innovation, while promoting social, individual and collective co-responsibility.

As has been customary for three editions, 100% of the proceeds will go to the UnoEntreCienMil Foundation to promote the cure of childhood leukemia as a cause of solidarity.

Its organizers trust that this event will become a powerful meeting and networking network for all attendees, and a tool to help generate authentic positive impact on the planet and on people, from the business.

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