Finish the hospitals in the south and north, among the measures agreed in the Cabildo de Tenerife to alleviate waiting lists

The plenary session of the Cabildo de Tenerife has unanimously approved this Friday a series of proposals to alleviate the waiting lists for public health, at the initiative of the Canary Coalition-Canary Nationalist Party (CC-PNC).

The proposal contemplates questions to put an end “urgently with the weaknesses of the Canary Health Service, which make it have an unaffordable waiting list”, as the island president, Pedro Martín, has transmitted.

Among the concrete actions, the initiative proposes the elaboration of a Canarian plan to reduce waiting lists at all levels, the increase in the level of resolution of primary care as well as the collaboration between this area and the hospital, through the creation of common protocols for both levels.

Added to this is the drafting of a series of clear rules of prioritization within the lists, the increase in transparency in their management and the transfer of greater prominence to the associations of the health sector.

Finally, the completion of the hospital infrastructures in the north and south of Tenerife is also included to convert them into two centers with a complete healthcare portfolio.

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