The Cueva del Viento in Icod de los Vinos occupied almost all the places for visitors offered during the summer

The Cueva del Viento in Icod de los Vinos, a facility of the Cabildo de Tenerife managed by the public company Ideco, has been visited this summer by 6,023 people, which represents 97% occupancy with respect to the total number of places offered.

The Island Councilor for Museums, Concepción Rivero, points out that they have also wanted to know the degree of customer satisfaction and, after carrying out 863 surveys, the evaluation of the experience has been 9.7, a score that “pushes us to continue working on this line and bet on the quality of the service offered to visitors”.

Between July and September, 414 guided tours were offered in three languages, of which 276 were in Spanish, 72 in English and 59 in German, including visits by various groups made up of students, journalists and influencers and tourists, coordinated in the latter case by various tour operators.

Rivero highlights in a note “the interest aroused by the visit not only among tourists who spend their holidays in Tenerife but also among the local population, since 1 in 5 customers are Canarian residents who come to the cave to discover one of the most impressive volcanic tubes in the world.

Located in the municipality of Icod de los Vinos, the Cueva del Viento is the longest volcanic tube in Europe and sixth in the world.

Originating from the lava flow of Pico Viejo, located next to Mount Teide, it was formed 27,000 years ago and its name is due to the significant air currents that occur inside it.

Thus, it is a unique place because its galleries extend over three superimposed levels, it has numerous ramifications that have not yet been explored and it presents a great variety of structures of primary origin such as lava drops, lava waterfalls, lateral terraces or lava lakes.

Added to its physical beauty is a high ecological, scientific and archaeological value, as it is home to unique species, such as the underground loboptera eyeless cockroach, and houses remains of Guanche burials and fossils of vertebrates already extinct on the Island such as the Houbara or the giant rat and lizard.

The visit to the cave, which is carried out prior reservation on the webhas a price of 20 euros for adults and 8.50 for children over five years of age, although for Canarian residents the price is reduced to 10 and 5 euros, respectively.

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