Salvar La Tejita takes the administrative “obstructionism” of the Cuna del Alma project to the Ombudsman

The association Salvar la Tejita has moved to the Ombudsman their complaints about the “obstructionist and suspicious behavior” of various public administrations and institutions related to the tourism project Cradle of the Soulin the Port of Adeje (Tenerife), which intends to develop more than 400,000 square meters of land with 420 luxury villas and hotels, among other infrastructures, together with a Site of Scientific Interest and a Special Conservation Area.

The Tenerife Association of Friends of Nature denounces in the Prosecutor's Office the works of the Cuna del Alma tourism macroproject

The Tenerife Association of Friends of Nature denounces in the Prosecutor’s Office the works of the Cuna del Alma tourism macroproject

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In a statement, Salvar la Tejita indicates that the Ombudsman has admitted this complaint for processing and is in the process of notifying the administrations and institutions involved, in a process directed by the second deputy of this institution.

The reason for the activists’ complaint is that “several administrations had refused to comply with transparency laws, ignoring requests for access to public data, and several institutions seemed to be protecting a private company while it (allegedly) failed to comply. environmental laws and used aggressive behavior against peaceful protesters.”

The macro project, behind which are two Belgian families and which is directed by Andrés Muñoz, former manager of Metropolitano de Tenerife for 20 years, has been proposed by the General Directorate of Heritage of the Government of the Canary Islands to receive the maximum penalty allowed by law (600,000 euros). The reason, having “irreversibly” destroyed an important archaeological site knowing that it was there. The Heritage sanction proposal was carried out after two complaints filed against the works led to an inspection by technicians from the Cabildo de Tenerife, who corroborated in a extensive report various irregularities relating to the protection of heritage found on the land, such as Aboriginal carvings and sites.

In addition, the project has two negative reports (2014 and 2017) and up to seven protected plant species are not reflected in the environmental impact report.

Complaints against the project

In addition to the first complaints, which led to the inspections of the Cabildo and Patrimony, the director of the project has been denounced for an alleged attack committed against one of the activists last September, when the people camped in protest against the works agreed to offices after security personnel and workmen forcibly removed a mechanical shovel to which the activists had chained themselves earlier in the summer. The moment of the alleged attack was recorded on video and is part of the complaint filed against Muñoz.

In addition, this week the Tenerife Association of Friends of Nature (ATAN) filed another complaint with the Canary Agency for the Protection of the Natural Environment and with the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Santa Cruz de Tenerife requesting the precautionary stoppage of the works of Sector 6 of the Adeje General Planning Plan, in the Puertito de Adeje.

As reported by the Environmental Association, businessmen, architects, engineers, among others, linked to the Cuna del Alma project are being denounced for the alleged commission of crimes related to land planning and urban planning, the protection of historical heritage and the environment. ambient; crimes against natural resources and the environment, and crimes related to the protection of fauna and flora.

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