Podemos Canarias, open to “dialogue” with the PSOE after withdrawing its support from the Cabildo de Tenerife

The general coordinator of we can canariesLaura Fuentes, has shown this Thursday open to dialogue and “wanting the best for Canary Islands”, and in that “we will continue to sit down with the PSOE and with whomever is necessary. But little games, the righteous.” This has been pronounced, in statements to Radio Canaria collected by Efe, after the “outstretched hand” offered by the president of the Cabildo de Tenerife, the socialist Pedro Martín, after the formation announce that it is withdrawing its support for the insular government for the management of Cradle of the Soul tourism macroproject in Puertito de Adeje.

Macroprojects, the shadow of CC and an internal schism: the keys to the rupture between Podemos and the PSOE in Tenerife

Macroprojects, the shadow of CC and an internal schism: the keys to the rupture between Podemos and the PSOE in Tenerife

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Both Podemos and the PSOE in the Cabildo have been immersed in a controversy for days regarding the powers in the file opened to the promoter of the Cuna del Alma urban project for having destroyed an archaeological site. While the president of the Cabildo de Tenerife has assured that the stoppage of the works is the responsibility of the General Directorate of Historical Heritage of the Government of the Canary Islands, this department assures that it is the Cabildo that has those powers and that, in fact, it was the one who ordered the stoppage of the 2% of the work (where the deposit was destroyed).

Laura Fuentes maintains that the regional department of Historical Heritage, which controls Podemos, has “tried to redirect the situation with the PSOE”, specifically, with the insular direction of Heritage, “understanding that beyond the political there is an institutional loyalty that should prevail.”

He emphasizes that since it is an infraction classified as very serious in terms of damage caused to the archaeological heritage in the works of Cuna del Alma, the fine corresponds to the Government of the Canary Islands, but the stoppage of 2% of the project “depends on the Cabildo” because it is who paralyzed them precautionarily.

Within a period of six months, it must decide whether this paralysis is definitive or lifts it, in which case, and only from that moment on, the leader of Podemos Canarias has stressed, the regional administration “could act”.

Everything else that has been commented these days from the Cabildo, Laura Fuentes has abounded, “is diverting attention, fomenting the mess and manipulating”.

Finally, he recalled that the vice president of the Cabildo de Tenerife, Berta Pérez, attended the ceremony of the first stone of Cuna del Alma and that “for a while the PSOE has been on the side” in this matter, and now “has taken the reins against a government partner” in the regional executive.

Belda criticizes “forms”

Meanwhile, the spokeswoman for the Sí Podemos group in the Cabildo de Tenerife, María José Belda, has expressed herself in Cope Canarias and Radio Club Tenerife against “the ways” with which the purple formation has announced the end of its support for the government insular.

He believes that both Podemos, Sí se puede and Equo should have “sat down” before this announcement to “assess different situations to weigh what was going to be done” with the 2023 budgets of the island corporation.

Belda understands that Podemos Canarias has created “a smokescreen” by breaking with the PSOE in the Cabildo de Tenerife while maintaining alliances both in the regional government and in municipalities such as La Laguna.

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