Major rockfall of large dimensions on a road in the north of Tenerife

Around 11 o’clock last night on Monday, October 3, there were some landslides on the El Roque highway, in the area of ​​El Convento within the municipality of La Guancha. Several large rocks fell onto the road, although fortunately there was no personal or material damage, except for the road itself being cut.

From the first hour of this Tuesday, the City Council of La Guancha is already working on the removal of the material. Likewise, the mayor of the municipality reported that the road will remain closed to traffic and pedestrian traffic, until further notice. Antonio Hernández pointed out “from the first hour I contacted the director of the Plus Ultra school to inform her about what happened, as it is a road through which the school bus passes to pick up students from very early” The president also asks ” prudence and that please nobody approaches the area ”

It is a road close to population centers such as Las Cucharas, Tierra Costa, as well as the El Roque cemetery. It is also a road used by many residents to access the town center from the coastal area.

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