The director of the ‘Cuna del Alma’ macro-project hid a 97,000-euro scam from a company of the Cabildo de Tenerife

The vice president of the Cabildo de Tenerife and president of Metropolitano, Enrique Arriaga, has ruled out this Friday taking any type of measure against the former manager of the public company, Andrés Muñoz, for hiding for almost a year a scam suffered by something more than 97,000 euros.

''Ecologists arrested and corrupt protected'': more than 300 people demonstrate against Cuna del Alma in Tenerife

”Ecologists arrested and corrupt protected”: more than 300 people demonstrate against Cuna del Alma in Tenerife

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In response to a question from Yes We Can in plenary, Arriaga has indicated that “it would not make much sense” once Muñoz himself voluntarily left the entity in June 2020 (he is currently the director of the urban project ‘Cuna del Alma ‘) and has left it up to Human Resources to set some type of penalty for Muñoz in case he wants to apply for the position of manager of the company, which will soon be out for competition.

Arriaga has detailed that the fraud occurred in March 2020, a month later it is confirmed and on April 27 a complaint is filed in a court in Venice, the city where the company is based, and to reinforce the legal action, on June 17 Another complaint was filed in a court in La Laguna.

He has also said that expert reports were requested and one of them establishes that Muñoz had to inform the Board of Directors of Metropolitano, the company that built and manages the tram on the island, of all the issues that affected the company. Arriaga acknowledges that Muñoz “was late” in transferring the information about the scam, but defends that he did “act diligently” to try to recover the money and compensate the company for the damage.

For this reason, Arriaga understands that a liability action against the manager would not prosper since the damage was not “aggravated” by delaying communication and there is no cause-effect relationship.

The spokeswoman for Sí Podemos, María José Belda, has commented that Muñoz had a “senior management” position signed with the Cabildo (in fact, he charged more than the president) and does not understand how no responsibility was demanded for the scam by breaking the “trust” with the corporation.

He has indicated that a decision of this type was “cause for dismissal” and was not even filed, underlining that these days, Muñoz has been known via social networks for grabbing an activist “by the neck” in the offices of ‘Cuna del Alma’ and “throwing her to the ground” while whispering “baboserías” in her ear.

Belda has wondered if the Cabildo “is still in time” to file a sanction and if it is possible that in his file “he has a note of whether he did something wrong” for the future contest of the Metropolitan Management.

This week, more than 300 people have demonstrated against the development of Puertito de Adeje, one of the last virgin enclaves on the island of Tenerife. To the cry of “detained and corrupt protected environmentalists”, the mobilization came after several violent episodes that took place on Monday at the construction site between the promoter’s workers and the activists who have been camping in the area for weeks to avoid destruction. from space.

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