María José Belda offers herself as an independent candidate of the left to the Cabildo de Tenerife in 2023

The spokeswoman for Sí Podemos in the Cabildo de Tenerife, María José Belda, has made herself available to citizen groups and environmentalists and to the Podemos coalition itself to be a candidate of the left in 2023 as an independent.

In a statement made public this Thursday, he clarifies that he will continue as island spokesman until the end of his mandate and that he will prepare, at the proposal of platforms and groups, a participatory program that reflects the different realities and sensitivities of the island.

Regarding his work at the head of the insular spokesperson, he comments that “it is possible to give voice and fight from within” to social problems but “as long as the population continues to occupy a place of reference, the center of the gaze of those who are in the institutions ”.

He has assumed that the “greatest difficulty” of his work is that “political activity is becoming a mechanical act where the institution and its bureaucracy absorbs” and for this reason he understands that “social pressure is the key to alleviating this difficulty that the system, for this reason it is essential to follow the protests and the social pressure that they entail”.

Belda confesses that she had decided to park her political activity at the end of her mandate, but claims that as an independent, “what she learned” during this mandate would be maintained and a “working model” that allows coordination with civil society.

Along these lines, he understands that municipal policies “are the key” to promote the “necessary changes” that have a direct impact on the people, since the city councils are the closest institution.

“That is why a premise has been for me the defense of the demands of the municipal groups, the coordinated work to approve amendments to the budgets and their execution, as well as the debate and consensus about the motions that we have presented and that they have come to us from other groups”, he details.

All this has been an opportunity to continue delving into the specificities of island problems.

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