La Laguna formalizes the purchase of a 500 square meter plot for the future market square

The mayor of La Laguna, Luis Yeray Gutiérrez, has signed this Monday the purchase document by the City Council of a 500 square meter plot located at the west end of the Vía de Ronda, bordering the San Roque path. This is a necessary site for the construction project of the future Municipal Market, since the square next to the building will be located in this space. The cost of the operation was 64,832 euros.

Luis Yeray Gutiérrez assures that “with the acquisition of this site, the municipal government continues to take all the necessary steps so that the new Market in the Plaza del Adelantado becomes a reality as soon as possible, and it does so with modern equipment, adapted to the demands and needs of our times. That is our commitment to the recoveros and the recoveras and to the whole of La Laguna society, which has been waiting for more than a decade for the return of the Market to its old location”, he indicates.

The mayor recalls that the project will not only involve the execution of the building where the stalls will be located, but will also include a square and a parking underground to complete the services of this future space “for which we needed to acquire this 500 meter plot”. Luis Yeray Gutiérrez recalls that “currently the execution project and construction management are about to be presented to channel the La Carnicería ravine, an essential preliminary step to be able to build the future building” and highlights the City Council’s effort to seek “the collaboration of other administrations to get involved in this infrastructure, such as the Government of the Canary Islands, which has committed to providing funding of one million euros”.

From the Department of Finance and Economic Affairs, the processing of the acquisition of the site has been carried out. The file dates back to 2013, although the purchase had not been able to materialize due to not having the certification that accredited the freedom of charges and encumbrances of the plot. Only once this condition has been certified, it has been possible to restart the purchase process, approved by the Local Government Board in December of last year. “We have managed to reach an agreement with the owners and we have closed the purchase for an amount that adjusts to the value stipulated in the technical report of Works and Infrastructures,” explains councilor Alejandro Marrero.

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