Podemos asks the Cabildo de Tenerife to submit the construction of the Motor Circuit to citizen consultation

The councilor and insular spokesperson for Sí Podemos Canarias, María José Belda, announces that this Friday a motion will be presented to the Plenary Commission of Highways “to ask the corporation to carry out a process of real citizen participation, through a popular consultation of a binding nature, in which it is put to the vote whether the population of Tenerife is against or in favor of the construction of what our group considers unnecessary and destructive Engine Circuit”.

Belda declares that this work, which will mean a “multimillion-dollar waste” of public money, “has been imposed on all the citizens of Tenerife by this government group, in what is a project originating from CC that is now perpetuated by PSOE and Cs with policies continuationists who waste an intolerable amount of money from all the people of Tenerife”.

The insular spokesperson recalls that, in the programmatic agreements signed between Sí Podemos Canarias and the PSOE at the beginning of the mandate, “a point dedicated to the need to carry out citizen participation processes for decision-making on insular policies was expressly included. of special relevance, something that is clearly ideal to put into practice to determine the future of this project, given the social controversy and the rejection that the Motor Circuit is generating in the population”.

Sí Podemos Canarias requires that “the process of citizen participation be binding, and that it be convened by the Roads area of ​​the Cabildo de Tenerife, manager of the project -or failing that, the one deemed pertinent-, to comply with the programmatic agreement signed between the PSOE and Sí Podemos Canarias, with the corresponding publicity in the media, transparency and dissemination of public spending that has meant to date and that the Motor Circuit would mean from now on, so that the population of Tenerife can demonstrate freely about their will to carry it out or not”.

María José Belda criticizes that Tenerife “suffers social and environmental needs of sufficient importance, so that the island government continues with its efforts to waste millions of euros in the construction of this work, which, moreover, will foreseeably represent an economic burden for the future of the Island, due to the unaffordable cost of maintenance that this gigantic infrastructure will have, which will ultimately have to be borne by the citizens of Tenerife”.

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