Fundación Cepsa and social entities from Tenerife share the novelties of the Awards for Social Value

Fundación Cepsa and representatives of some thirty social entities in Tenerife have held a meeting to present first-hand the novelties of the recent call for the Social Value Awards 2022. Likewise, the meeting also served to share experiences, exchange impressions and resolve any doubts that may exist regarding the bases or registration procedures for said prizes.

The head of Fundación Cepsa in the Canary Islands, Belén Machado, highlighted the consolidation of the Awards for Social Value, which have managed to become benchmarks throughout their 18 editions for promoting the development of projects aimed at favoring social inclusion and improving quality life of the most disadvantaged groups. And this “also promoting solidarity within the company, since the entities are endorsed by Cepsa professionals who become supportive godfathers and godmothers, generating very positive links that are maintained over time.”

He pointed out that for Fundación Cepsa “it is vital to know first-hand the experiences of the different social entities in order to be able to know their needs and continue advancing in the implementation of projects that revert to the benefit of groups at risk”.

The representatives of the thirty social entities attending the meeting valued the commitment of Fundación Cepsa which, through these awards, makes it possible to undertake new projects or guarantee the continuity of initiatives that would not otherwise be possible to maintain. An implication that, they highlighted, is also extensive with the follow-up that the Foundation carries out on the achievement of the winning projects and with the participation of Cepsa’s own employees, who, voluntarily, participate as godfathers or godmothers and a personalized follow-up of the projects.

In the current edition of the Social Value Awards, whose project presentation period will end on September 28, at 10:00 (local time), the just ecological transition will play a relevant role, although it will not be an exclusive condition, but it will positive. An aspect that, moreover, is part of the entity’s new strategy, as well as that of its founder, Cepsa.

In this line, special attention will be paid to projects that, in addition to being aimed at improving the quality of life of people in vulnerable situations, take into account measures such as the promotion of renewable energies, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, the protection of biodiversity, the fight against climate change or the circular economy, among others.

Since its first call, in 2005, the Social Value Awards have awarded 575,000 euros for the development of 62 social projects in the Canary Islands. At a global level, these awards have already distributed nearly four million euros to promote 424 social initiatives. All this has made it possible to improve the quality of life of more than 65,000 people.

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