Prison for 16 of the detainees, one of them in Tenerife, in the Dragon Ball operation against drug trafficking

Sixteen of the 28 arrested in the framework of the Dragon Ball operation against drug trafficking and money laundering carried out in Ibiza and other parts of the Spanish geography, such as Tenerife, have been imprisoned after going to court, as reported by the Guard Civil this Tuesday.

After the first phase of the operation, carried out last Tuesday in Ibiza, the Civil Guard agents arrested 11 people, of whom three were imprisoned, sources from the armed institute have specified during the exhibition of seized material, which has had place in the Ibiza barracks.

Among those in the first group of detainees, six were of Albanian nationality, two Italians, one Hungarian, one Argentine and one African.

In the second phase of the Dragon Ball operation, deployed last Saturday in various parts of the island, 17 people were arrested in Ibiza, three in Malaga and one in Tenerife.

Of those arrested on the Balearic island, 15 were Italians and two from Ecuador, while in Malaga two Italians and one Spaniard were arrested. In the case of the detainee in Tenerife, he was of Italian nationality.

Of the 17 arrested in Ibiza, 13 people have been imprisoned, of which two are women.

After the investigation, two of the most important criminal drug trafficking organizations operating on the island have been dismantled, one of Albanian origin and the other of Italian origin, linked to the “Ndrangheta”, also dedicated to money laundering to international level.

During the operation, in which nearly 400 Civil Guard agents have participated, significant amounts of narcotic substances, firearms, cash and documents that could be related to money laundering from criminal activities have been seized.

Likewise, a total of 15 high-class homes have been blocked, all in Ibiza, which were used for money laundering and 116 current accounts, of which 111 were on the island.

In the operation, 42 real estate searches have been carried out (38 in Ibiza, one in Barcelona, ​​two in Malaga and one in Tenerife) and hideouts have been located in wooded areas of the island of Pitiusa.

With the dismantling of the two organizations, the introduction on the market of 94,500 doses of MDMA and cocaine, valued at 4.1 million euros, has been avoided.

The drug seized amounts to 18 kg of methamphetamine with which 870,000 ecstasy pills could have been manufactured, 4.5 kg of cocaine, a cannabis plantation with 600 marijuana plants, as well as significant amounts of other substances, weighing tools and pressing. In addition, 3 firearms, 330,000 euros in cash and 23 high-end vehicles have been confiscated.

Among the objects seized, luxury watches of the Bulgari, Rolex and Cartier brands have been seized, as well as jewelry, documents related to bank accounts abroad, false identity documents, frequency inhibitors, a large number of mobile phones, USB memories, tablets and other electronic devices, detail from the Civil Guard.

The criminal organization of Italian origin is linked to the Ndrangheta dedicated to drug trafficking on an international scale, and had hidden laboratories and warehouses.

For the transport of cocaine, they used vehicles with sophisticated concealment systems and boats. The destination of the drug was mainly Italy and Spain, and it came directly from South America.

The members of this organization stand out for the use of violence using methods such as torture, even committing murders in Italy.

The Carabinieri and the Guardia di Finanza have collaborated in the operation called Dragon Ball, with the support of the Direzione Investigativa Antimafia (DIA) and specialized personnel from the ISF4@ON project for the fight against mafia groups.

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