“We cannot allow the same thing to happen as in Imeldo Serís”

Dolores Espinosa, councilor of United We Can (Izquierda Unida-Podemos-Equo), has transferred to the Control Commission the concern of the people who reside in the street of the rose and surrounding areas due to the beginning, foreseeably in the coming months, of the remodeling works of this roadand specifically because of how accessibility will be guaranteed throughout this area, not only to their homes but also to public services, such as educational and health centres.

Espinosa requested the appearance of the municipal government of Santa Cruz in said body, which did not clear up the questions raised, arguing that it will be resolved with the company that is finally awarded the works.

“We do not argue that this work is necessary, but we must guarantee that people can go to schools and the health center, and the passage of firefighters and people with reduced mobility; we cannot allow it to happen like with Imeldo Serís street, which was totally blocked during its remodeling”, maintained the mayor of UP in her speech before the Control Commission.

Espinosa warned that La Rosa street “is a backbone for many people” because it is where La Rosa school, Hogar Escuela, children’s schools are located, and it is the only access to the Montessori school, as well as the neighboring street Ruiz de Padrón has a health center where people with reduced mobility have to go by taxi.

The councilor of the confluence of the left emphasized this demand before the local government due to the experience of past works in other areas of the chicharrero center, “where there are streets in which accessibility is practically nil” and due to the fear that, as has happened on other occasions, this type of work lasts more than the two years initially scheduled in the tender.

For this reason, he regretted that the municipal government has not answered his questions, which maintains uncertainty in the population that will be affected by the execution of the works.

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