A brawl in Tenerife ends with three detainees, two of them minors

The National Police has reported this Wednesday that three young people, two of them minors, have been arrested in Tenerife for their participation in a brawl in which another young man was attacked with a knife, although the injuries were not serious.

The fight took place in the early morning of August 31 on the Icod el Alto General Highway, next to the exit of some cinemas, where some young people were having a party and three of them pounced on another, who fled, as explained by the Police.

The young man who fled called a friend to help him and when he arrived the other three located them and a brawl began in which one of the aggressors stabbed one of the victims with a knife.

The fight ended when a vehicle driven by a woman arrived, in which the attackers escaped.

The stabbed man lost consciousness and was transferred to a hospital where it was found that he had a wound on the left side that was not serious, although he did need medical attention and stitches.

The National Police was called at the time of the events. After interviewing the victims and witnesses present, the agents obtained sufficient information to identify and locate the alleged aggressors.

Of the three detainees, two are 17 years old and are from La Orotova (Tenerife), while the other, the author of the stab wound, is 19 years old and is from Cuba.

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