The Civil Guard recovers 200,000 euros scammed from a real estate agency in Tenerife

The Civil Guard has managed to recover the 237,000 euros that they swindled from a company in the real estate sector of San Miguel de Abona, in Tenerife, through the method known as BEC (Business Emil Compromise).

This consists of accessing the communication chain of the email of the company victim of the scam in order to modify it, and manage to divert the money to the bank accounts of the authors, detailed sources of the armed institute.

Thanks to the urgent proceedings of the Civil Guard and the participation of the Prosecutor’s Office specialized in technological crimes, and the judicial authority, the return of all the money stolen from the injured entity was achieved.

This was possible once the judicial authority ratified the police blockade of the recipient account of the stolen money, before the criminals made use of it, and its subsequent re-entry.

The Civil Guard reports that the steps to identify the perpetrators of this criminal act and bring them to justice are still open.

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