He breaks a restraining order and gets into a fight with his neighbor in La Laguna

The National Police have arrested two residents of La Laguna (Tenerife) who got into a fight in which one of those involved, who had a restraining order in force with respect to the other, skipped it and ended up suffering serious injuries in the exchange of blows Police sources detail that both “had been at odds for some time” and had starred in episodes of threats and confrontations.

The brawl originated when the neighbor who had the restraining order in force began to hit the facade of the other’s house with a hammer “for no apparent reason”.

There began an argument in which the partner of one of them tried to mediate and was beaten, to which her boyfriend reacted by hitting the other, causing “serious injuries” for which he had to be treated at a medical center.

Both were arrested: one for the aggression and the other for skipping the restraining order.

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