The Tenerife Breast Cancer Association asks to shorten the deadlines for operating patients

The Tenerife Breast Cancer Association (Ámate) has requested this Wednesday that the term for surgical interventions of these patients be reduced.

This has been transferred to the deputy for Equality and Gender Violence of the Common Council, Beatriz Barrera, directors of Ámate, who have warned of “the risks” that patients diagnosed with breast cancer in the Canary Islands run by having to wait until two months to be intervened.

The Common Council points out in a statement that the decision on waiting times is made by the tumor committee of each hospital, and that in the archipelago “many” have established them between 30 and 60 days.

Although they fall within the terms agreed in the Guarantee Order, the association believes this period is excessive and calls for an effort to improve them and reduce them to a month and a half.

“The Hospital of La Laguna -the University of the Canary Islands- has already established a month and a half to intervene on patients, however, the Residence -Hospital de La Candelaria-, does not”, assures the president of Ámate, María del Carmen Bonfante.

“Breast cancer patients live with fear and anxiety seeing how their tumor grows day and night. We have to try to improve it and create more operating theaters and have more doctors and oncologists”, says Bonfante.

The Diputación del Comun will request a meeting with the director of the Canarian Health Service to address this situation and find out the reasons for these delays in the waiting lists of some hospitals in the archipelago.

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