Dismantled a gang of “very violent” robbers who posed as civil guards in Tenerife

The Civil Guard has dismantled a gang of robbers dedicated to very violent robberies in Tenerife, in which they pretended to be civil guards to gain the trust of the victims.

Robbery with violence, illegal detention, home invasion and usurpation of public functions are the crimes that are charged to the four detainees and four others investigated for these events.

The investigation began at the beginning of the year after a robbery with violence committed in a prestigious company located in the south of the island of Tenerife. The robbers came to gag and beat the victims to get the loot, indicates the Civil Guard.

The detainees had great prior preparation, studying the assault in detail and executing it with surprising speed. They also immediately incorporated the stolen money into the legal circuit, for which they had a stable structure of collaborators with whom they acquired all kinds of goods.

In a robbery carried out in the town of Abades (Arico), the authors, after identifying themselves as civil guards, stopped a worker in charge of transporting cash. The victim was handcuffed and the thieves fled with the money.

During the arrests, the assailants tried to flee and barricaded themselves in someone else’s home.

The police device ended with the arrest of the four authors and the recovery of 243,000 euros in cash, which is the totality of what was stolen according to the affected entity.

The operation concludes with the investigation of the eight members of the organization (all of them residents on the island of Tenerife), the recovery of all the stolen money and the intervention of seven vehicles, as well as identification vests, masks and caps with anagrams of the civil Guard.

The investigation has been carried out by agents of the Civil Guard belonging to the Crimes Against Property Team of the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of the Command of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, under the protection of the Court of First Instance and Instruction No. 1 of Güímar , and with the coordination of the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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