The company Titsa sees Intersindical Canaria’s notice of strike “disproportionate” and advocates dialogue

The company Transportes Interurbanos de Tenerife (Titsa) considers the advance notice of an indefinite strike presented by Intersindical Canaria “disproportionate” and advocates dialogue to avoid this measure, which, if finally carried out, would begin on September 7.

In a statement, the company hopes that the dialogue will serve as a “way of solution in order not to harm citizens” with a strike call. He points out that the arguments raised by Intersindical Canaria to justify the strike call “are aspects that are dealt with in the different internal commissions that the company periodically holds, which have union representation.”

For this reason, it maintains its “absolute predisposition to solve or clarify them in the corresponding sphere of competence.”

Titsa emphasizes that “despite the complexity of recent years, it has remained in a line of work committed to maintaining 100% of jobs and guaranteeing the citizens of Tenerife the best possible public transport service.” He recalls that he has hired more than 100 people during 2022, who have joined the workforce of more than 1,800 workers.

He insists on making hopes that there can be “a satisfactory solution” to this labor conflict, and regrets “the inconvenience or uncertainty that this situation may cause among the company’s users.”

Intersindical Canaria has denounced a series of breaches of the collective agreement, both in the assignment and change of work center, as well as services, lines and schedules.

It also speaks of violation of the competences of the services commission, of non-compliance with the agreement to execute the sentence on the workshop guards, of “unjustified delays” in the salary update, of “anti-union actions” and of “discriminatory treatment” in the imposition of sanctions. Regarding the latter, he refers specifically to the “aggravated and discriminatory response” of the management towards people affiliated with Intersindical Canaria.

The plant raises a series of claims to avoid going on strike, such as compliance with and respect for the agreement in its entirety, that the company accept the quantification and distribution of the wage bill so that it can be “immediately paid”, and that cease the “anti-union behavior” and reinstate the dismissed personnel “without prejudice to the facts that could be susceptible to sanctions of a different nature” to the termination of the contract.

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