The Civil Guard surprises a man in Tenerife selling bags of heroin that he carried in his mouth

The Rural Patrol of the Playa de las Américas Company of the Civil Guard have arrested a man as the alleged perpetrator of a crime against public health, in his form of drug trafficking, when he was caught red-handed selling heroin to another man in the town of San Isidro (Tenerife).

In a statement, the Benemérita has explained that the events took place when the agents providing citizen security prevention services surprised the accused while he was carrying out a drug transaction on public roads.

In this way, they observed how the now accused received cash from another person in exchange for a bag that he took out of his own mouth, where he hid it, to deliver it to him and that was later found to be heroin.

Then, the agents frustrated the sale and seized two doses of heroin with a total weight of 1.2 grams, as well as the cash that he had received for its sale; while the detainee, along with the proceedings instructed, was placed at the disposal of the acting Court of the Guard of Granadilla de Abona.

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