The parking lot of the Plaza del Príncipe, propped up due to the presence of fissures and cracks

The management company of the downtown Prince’s Square parking lotin Santa Cruz de Tenerife, has notified its assignees that this Friday, August 5, the placement of reinforcement struts in one of its access ramps, after detecting large fissures and cracks, and following the indications of the Urban Planning Department of the Capital City Council.

The cracks that have set off the alarms have occurred in the access ramp to floor -2, in its compression layer, that is, in the concrete layer that performs a structural function, on which the different loads are distributed.

In the communication sent to the assignees, it is added that in order to comply with the provisions of the Urban Planning Management report, “a single ramp will be used to go up and down from floor -2 to the rest of the parking floors, marked with traffic lights in a coordinated manner”.

From this Friday, the entrance to the car park will continue to be the normal access, “but to go down and up from floor -2 to the different floors, only the ramp will be used.” The statement concludes by asking users for caution and regretting the inconvenience.

Users of this car park had already reported the “serious structural problems” of this central and busy car park. “There are cracks and debris falling, unusable ramps,” they said.

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