Lifeguards manage to revive a 4-year-old boy who drowned in the pool of a hotel in Tenerife

A 4-year-old boy has been moderately affected after being rescued from the pool of a hotel in Guía de Isora, Tenerife, as reported by the Canary Islands 112 Emergency and Security Coordination Center.

The events occurred around 2:13 p.m. in the pool of a hotel on Avenida de Los Oceanos in the aforementioned municipality, from where the lifeguards of the facility had rescued the minor, providing him with first aid and performing resuscitation maneuvers on him.

Then, once members of the Canary Emergency Service (SUC) arrived at the scene, they verified that the little boy had symptoms of moderate drowning, so after stabilizing him, they transferred him in a sanitary ambulance from the SUC, together with a doctor from the Center of Health of Alcalá, to the Hospital Universitario Hospiten Sur.

Local Police officers also appeared at the scene of the incident and made the appropriate reports.

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