A baby kestrel recovers at the La Tahonilla Center from a fracture after falling from the nest

The La Tahonilla Wildlife Recovery Center, dependent on the Natural Environment Management and Security area of ​​the Cabildo de Tenerife, has attended to a baby kestrel that entered the center the first week of July after falling from a nest in the municipality of La Laguna.

The calf spent two weeks in a splint to stabilize the fracture of the tibiotarsus of his left leg. Once she recovered from her injury, she remained at the Center until he knew how to hunt live prey and fly properly in the flight cage. Next, personnel from the fauna area moved with the animal to Agua García, in Tacoronte, where it was released.

The Cabildo Wildlife Recovery Center receives specimens of injured animals that are collected by citizens and by different public bodies, such as police forces, as well as by other types of collaborating entities, such as diving clubs, sports docks and brotherhoods. of fishermen.

In addition, it has a volunteer program whose objective is to collaborate with the center staff in the care and attention of the animals that are in its facilities, and organizes various initiatives aimed at disseminating and raising awareness about the protection and recovery of wildlife.

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