Part of a cliff collapses in Icod de Los Vinos

A collapse of part of a cliff has surprised in Icod of the Wines. The detachment has been shared by the seismologist of the National Geographic Institute (IGN), Ithaiza Domínguez, who assures that they are frequent in such an orography. In this case, the events took place on the coast of Icodense, in the area known as Moreno.

The author of the video is Jesús de la Rosa, brother of Simón (@Rhandall77) who has shared it on his Twitter profile. “I was walking, I was returning home after a walk when I heard a terrible noise, I thought it was the waves, and then I saw the smoke (the earth) and small stones falling. I took out my cell phone and recorded a short video. It kept falling harder and I took another video. Until I heard a tremendous noise, bigger than the previous ones, and then I really wanted to record, ”he explains.

“When I finished recording, I continued walking through an orchard from where the cliff is no longer visible and I suppose it continued to fall. The smell of earth and dust rose almost to the road to my house (I live 1 km above the cliff) ”, he assured.

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