The Government of the Canary Islands tenders the drafting of the project for the construction of the third lane of the TF-1

The Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Housing of the Government of the Canary Islands has put out to tender the tender for the drafting of the construction project called Third Lane TF-1, San Isidro-Las Américas section. San Isidro Oroteanda Subsection, on the island of Tenerife, an action that aims to increase the capacity of the southern motorway to three lanes in each direction. With this new tender, the drafting of all the projects that seek to expand the capacity of the TF-1 to improve the safety and circulation of the highway in the south of Tenerife from Las Américas to Güímar, building 55 new kilometers of third lane.

The section that is put out to tender now contemplates the works of the third lane of the TF-1 in an approximate section of 10 kilometers that begins at kilometer point 53+450, before the new San Isidro junction (Granadilla de Abona) and ends after from the Oroteanda junction (San Miguel de Abona). It consists of providing the infrastructure with a third lane in each direction and also the remodeling of existing links, caused by the expansion of the platform and the adaptation to current planning and regulations.

The need for this intervention is justified because the TF-1 presents a general problem of saturation due to the high amount of traffic that crosses it, mainly congested in the links of the most important towns. Thus, there are frequent traffic jams in San Isidro and Las Chafiras. The malfunction of the links causes retentions that spread to the trunk of the motorway. In this sense, the average daily intensity (ADT) of vehicles on this stretch of motorway went from 45,091 vehicles per day in 2012 to 64,100 in 2019.

Minister Sebastián Franquis, in a parliamentary appearance held a few weeks ago, already made it clear that it is essential to extend the motorway to the south by adding a third lane to it. For this, Sebastián Franquis assured then, from the Ministry an important impulse has been given in recent months for the contracting of the necessary services for this purpose, as it shows that the announcements for the tender of the contracts for the drafting of the layout and construction project for the Güímar-San Isidro section (with an investment of 1,955,632 euros), the drafting of the Oroteanda-Las Américas project (549,114 euros), to which is now also added the drafting of the project construction of the San Isidro-Oroteanda section (505,460 euros). These three sections are joined by another smaller section that does not include the third lane but that will be a great relief for circulation in the area, such as a cut-and-cover tunnel on the TF-1 between Las Américas and Fañabé (Adeje) with a planned investment of 106,707,117 euros.

In addition, within the San Isidro-Las Américas section, works are currently being carried out on the Oroteanda Junction-Las Chafiras Junction, which also includes the creation of a roadway wide enough to accommodate the third lane.

With all these actions, some in execution and others in tender, the TF-1 would be equipped with a third lane practically in its entirety between Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Américas.

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