Arrested a man who suffocated and left a person unconscious to rob him in La Laguna

The National Police has arrested the alleged perpetrator of a robbery with violence that occurred at the beginning of July in the Tenerife town of San Cristóbal de La Laguna, in which a man left his victim unconscious by the “mataleón” method seizing their belongings, also achieving the clarification of two other crimes during the investigation.

On July 3, the victim of this event stayed with an old friend at dawn and while he was in the roundabout area of ​​the Patron Saint of the Canary Islands, a man approached him from behind, putting his arm around his neck and left him unconscious. When she woke up, with fall injuries and bruises, her friend was gone and she saw that her wallet and mobile phone had been stolen.

Other crimes also clarified

Thus, that same day in the afternoon he went to file a complaint at the National Police station and reported the facts. The specialized investigation group began the proceedings immediately and interviewed both the friend and her sister, whose data turned out to be related to two open reports in which the victims denounced them for having seized clothing without pay in a purchase-sale application between individuals. The two sisters stayed with other vendors to whom they told that they were going to buy clothes for other people and that once they had tried on these garments they would make the corresponding payment, which they never did.

Therefore, while the initial crime of robbery with violence was being investigated, it was possible to clarify these other two cases and proceed to arrest them, one of them a minor. Both were released, notifying the obligation to appear before the judicial authority when summoned to do so.

police response

Regarding the perpetrator of the robbery with violence, the National Police has managed to arrest a repeat offender, 21 years old, a native of La Laguna, who has another arrest for robbery with force this year and three pending indictments for abuse in the family. Once arrested, the author was brought before the judicial authority, which determined his release with charges.

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