Five investigated for the theft of 16 second-hand cars in Tenerife

The Civil Guard has instructed five people as investigated in the theft of 16 second-hand vehicles in San Isidro, in the south of Tenerife, cars valued at 220,000 euros.

The five investigated are allegedly involved in crimes of robbery with violence, robbery with force, theft and use of vehicles, forgery of public documents and the crime of usurpation of marital status.

The investigation began at the beginning of this year, following the complaint filed by the owner of a San Isidro company dedicated to the sale and repair of vehicles.

The owner reported several crimes of robbery with force in a ship from which 16 high-end second-hand vehicles were stolen, valued at more than 220,000 euros.

The agents find out that, presumably, two men had threatened and coerced one of the company’s workers to open the premises for them to steal the vehicles, since there could be a debt of unknown origin between the complainant and the alleged perpetrators of the crimes. facts.

The Civil Guard learned that in another ship owned by the complainant, located in Costa del Silencio, four vehicles had also previously been stolen.

The agents also found out that those under investigation had taken steps to request and acquire shares, position as sole administrator and a concession of power of the company in the name of one of them.

They have been accused of a crime of forgery of public document and usurpation of marital status, by posing as one of the defendants as the injured party and owner of the company, in order to be able to sign the necessary documents and achieve various changes.

Of the stolen vehicles, five have been recovered, valued at 50,000 euros.

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