Hospital de la Candelaria intervenes for the first time in children with cataracts in both eyes

The Hospital Universitario Nuestra Señora de Candelaria, in Tenerife, has performed the first surgical intervention for cataracts in both eyes at the same time in two pediatric patients, which constitutes a significant improvement in ophthalmological care.

The main objective pursued by this simultaneous intervention, in both eyes, is that it prevents the patient from developing what is known as lazy eye, due to the fact that an overexertion is caused in the healthy eye due to the time that elapses between the first and the second. second operation, according to the hospital in a statement this Friday.

In addition, the double intervention causes a faster and more synchronized recovery, allowing vision in three dimensions.

Although this surgery is routine in adult patients, the Hospital de La Candelaria has performed this intervention in children for the first time.

The difference between the age groups is in the postoperative period, which is key to successfully completing the entire process. In pediatric patients, due to the difficulties of age, it is more difficult to obtain collaboration for rehabilitation, so the interventions are normally carried out from the age of four.

As for the surgery performed, it consists of a small incision in the cornea, adding a viscous substance inside the eye for protection.

Later, a circular cut is made on the inside of the lens, to remove the cataract, and a lens is inserted. After this, the incisions are treated by sealing them without the need for stitches.

In addition, in the specific case of one of the intervened patients, special lenses were added to correct astigmatism, so the child does not need to wear glasses.

Recovery from simultaneous surgery is faster, improves vision in three dimensions and reduces the possibility of strabismus, details the note.

During the rehabilitation period it is necessary to check the patient frequently, especially at the beginning, because it is necessary to check if the child’s vision and prescription changes.

The main challenge of cataract surgery in children is that the eyeball continues to grow, which is why it is essential to carry out regular check-ups.

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