Marco Antonio Solís ends his international tour in the Canary Islands

Considered one of the ambassadors of Latin music in the world, the Mexican singer-songwriter Marco Antonio Solís, will offer a single concert in the Canary Islands, on the island of Tenerife, this Saturday, July 16, at the Santiago Martín Pavilion, at 9:00 p.m. 00 hours, within his tour I’m so excited to see you!Tenerife’ World Tour. The composer, musician and singer has been selected as Person of the Year 2022 by the Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (Grammy) and is, this July, on an international tour that has already taken him to Milan and London and that has appointments in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Paris and Tenerife, where this international tour will end.

As a guest artist, the singer from Gran Canaria Cristina Ramos, winner of Spain’s Got Talent and La Voz México, will perform. Tickets for this unique date in our Archipelago with Marco Antonio Solís are on sale at and in . In less than two months, the Canarian public has already responded to this musical proposal, in ticket sales, at the level of cities such as Barcelona or Madrid. This unique performance by the Mexican singer-songwriter in the Canary Islands is possible thanks to Roland Kortbawi and has the collaboration of Hotel Urban Anaga.

Five Latin Grammys and six Grammy nominations endorse a recording career full of awards. The Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences Academy will honor Marco Antonio Solís at the 2022 Grammy Awards.

More than 45 years of career

In the words of representatives of the Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, Marco Antonio Solís “is an artist who transcends generation gaps, moving millions of people with his lyrics that inspire greater acceptance and understanding.” This award is granted, in addition to the musical trajectories, for the solidarity character of the designated people. Solis, known as the bukiis one of the most respected musicians of his generation and a fervent promoter of new talent.

Marco Antonio Solís was born in Ario de Rosales, Michoacán (Mexico) and very soon his love for music began. The Solís Duet, together with his cousin Joel de él, was his first foray into this field, but it was in the mid-seventies, when he had the great opportunity to consolidate himself as a talented musician and composer in the famous formation the bukiswho wrote great hits in the history of Latin music such as The jail either what was it like to fall in love with you either I had you and I lost you. Precisely, the reunification of this well-known band, after 25 years, was a milestone, in 2021, when it ranked, according to the list prepared each year by pollstar, as the second most profitable tour, after the Rolling Stones. The tour also received the Billboard 2022 award.

In 1996, he began his solo career with the record work in full flight and, a year later, he entered the genre of rancheras with The blessing came. Since then, she has released more than 16 albums and has broken sales records in Latin America, the United States and Spain. Some of her greatest hits are Where are we going to stop?, More than your friend, Where is my spring?, If I could lie to you, Long live love either If you had not gone. The Mexican icon has also made forays into movies, as his well-known song If you had not gone was part of And Your Mother Too, Oscar nominated feature film. In addition, he gave life to the character of Ernesto de la Cruz in the Spanish version of the film. Coconut from Disney/Pixar.

Collaborations and duets

Marco Antonio Solís is also a composer, arranger and producer, a talent that has led him to write songs for international figures such as Enrique Iglesias, Maná, Rocío Durcal, Raphael, Marisela, Olga Tañón, Miguel Bosé, Roberto Carlos or Los Tigres del Norte, interpreting duets of worldwide success. He has also shared international tours with other great Latin music artists, such as Marc Anthony, Chayanne or Alejandro Fernández.

This July 16, his Canarian followers have the opportunity to enjoy the Latin sounds, the rancheras and the ballads of Marco Antonio Solís, in a single concert, in Tenerife, within this international tour in which the Mexican singer has expressed the desire to reconnect, live, with

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