International Ocean Film Tour brings five screenings from three continents to Tenerife

The International Ocean Film Tour, one of the most important ocean film events in Europe, heads to the island of Tenerife on July 14 with screenings at the Guimerá Theatre. In this edition, the festival will feature five selected and invited short films, which will bring true stories about the world of the oceans to the island of Teide on the big screen.

The selected shorts are five pieces from three continents, with documentaries from Canada, Germany, Australia, France and Denmark, which will be screened in the original version (English, French and German) with Spanish subtitles.

The International Ocean Film Tour is celebrating its fourth year in Spain and its sixteenth year on tour in Europe, and after the Canary Islands it will go through 18 Spanish cities.

Shobe Surf, The deep med, Stormride, into the ice Y cold water therapy These are the works selected in this eighth volume, which aims to offer stories that serve as motivation for adventurers and enthusiasts, through testimonies of exceptional protagonists, who show the landscapes and the wildest and most unknown corners of the planet.

The International Ocean Film Tour not only wants to show the beauty of the sea on the big screen but also seeks to help preserve it.

The purpose of this international festival is to show the oceans from all perspectives, from their wild and unknown nature, to the life they harbor and to screen films that raise awareness and teach the viewer what to do to reduce pollution of the seas.

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