environmental associations ask the Ministry of Ecological Transition to paralyze Cuna del Alma

The environmental associations Salvar La Tejita and EcoOcéanos have asked the Minister for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, Teresa Ribera, to urgently stop the tourism project Cradle of the Soulin the Little port of Adeje (in the south of Tenerife)for understanding that it presents irregularities incompatible with the policies of the department.

The Cabildo de Tenerife admits a "very serious offense" of the macro-project in Puertito de Adeje, which already had two unfavorable reports

The Cabildo de Tenerife admits a “very serious infringement” of the macroproject in Puertito de Adeje, which already had two unfavorable reports

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Specifically, both associations have sent a letter to Ribero in which they allude to the competence of the Ministry to ensure that the laws on this matter are complied with by the autonomous communities, and affirm that much of the damage that can be caused by this macro-tourism project whose works have already begun in the municipality of Adeje is irreversible.

In the letter, they request the state responsible for Ecological Transition the “immediate and total” stoppage of all works in this area, and to urge that a complete audit of the works license be carried out, including all the reports and authorizations required.

In this regard, they express their wish that there be urgent action to resolve this matter by the Ministry, and point out that this project plans to develop more than 430,000 square meters with some 420 luxury villas, hotels, swimming pools, restaurants, a pontoon, a spa and two beach clubs next to two protected natural spaces “in the crowded southwest of Tenerife”.

These spaces are the Site of Scientific Interest (by land) of La Caleta de Adeje and the Zone of Special Conservation of the Teno-Rasca Marine Strip (by sea), and they add that the project also includes a “semi-private beach”.

They assure that due to the refusal of the issuer of the building license, the Adeje City Council, to provide details of the project to the opposition parties, as well as the refusal to recognize the environmental association Salvar La Tejita as an “interested party” , the council “is trying to hide certain details of the project that may not meet the mandatory requirements.”

In particular, they add, with regard to wastewater treatment, water consumption, the protection of endemic and protected species of flora and fauna, among other factors.

They also detail that the works have been temporarily paralyzed due to the appearance of an archaeological report warning of the status of de-cataloging of unidentified heritage assets in the processing of permits.

But “unfortunately this order is not being followed and the works continue daily, which causes the destruction of endemic and protected species of flora and fauna,” they say.

In addition, they assure the associations that they have received documentation related to expropriations of land to allow the construction of this project “that seem to contradict the legislation” in this matter.

The letter also alludes to the fact that the powers in this matter correspond to the central and Canarian governments, the Cabildo de Tenerife and the Adeje City Council, all governed by the PSOE, for which the minister is told that it is “especially alarming observe that members of your political party have shown that they are willing to refuse to adopt the policies that you have promoted”.

Works stopped only in 2% of the plot

A complaint filed by the Tegüico Heritage Association managed to stop the works as a precautionary measure after verifying the Cabildo, after two inspections motivated by said complaint, that archaeological remains had been destroyed in the area. However, the company has continued the works on the rest of the plot. The president of the Cabildo insular described this week as “very serious” the damage caused and reported that, due to this, the file now goes to the Heritage of the Government of the Canary Islands. This body must analyze all the documentation presented and carry out its own inspections of the area to determine, if applicable, what sanction is applicable.

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