144 people attended in the most massive night of the Chicharrero Carnival

Last night’s night dances at the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife They ended with a total of 144 people attended by the security and emergency device. In one of the most massive days of these popular festivals, a large team of professionals dealt with responding to the multiple incidents that occurred. Of all those assisted, 66% required help for excessive alcohol consumption.

The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife continues: schedules, orchestras and stages for this Sunday

The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife continues: schedules, orchestras and stages for this Sunday

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By age groups, 128 adults and 16 minors needed to be treated by health resources. Most of the assistances were of a minor nature, although 12 people needed to be transferred to hospitals due to the injuries they presented or to carry out diagnostic tests.

Up to 22 cases were recorded due to falls or injuries in the surroundings of the carnival “Quadrilateral”. In the section of poisoning by narcotic substances there were eight affected, some of whom had to be referred to a hospital. Up to four people needed help for common illnesses not directly related to the party. Eight situations of patients that were classified as other conditions were also counted in the balance.

In police matters, they intervened in the attention, and in some cases clarification, of small brawls that occurred in the early hours of the morning. The injured were evaluated and in some cases referred to health centers. Those affected by this type of incident were a total of five people.

The Local Police unit attached to the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office registered 17 young people last night, these minors were identified and, once assisted, contacted their legal guardians. Of this age group, 10 were girls and 7 boys aged between 15 and 17 years.

At the Punto Violeta, which remains operational at the Hospital del Carnaval, advisory, support and information work was carried out for two people who, due to their circumstances, required the assistance of specialized personnel from this service.

It must be remembered that the last day of the festival worked members of the Local Police, National Police, the Tenerife Firefighters Consortium, the Santacrucera Civil Protection volunteer group and the Spanish Red Cross health personnel. In addition, they had the support of Civil Protection volunteers from Güímar and a delegation from El Valle del Golfo.

32 attentions in the Day Carnival

The Day Carnival celebrations have required a special reinforcement of all emergency resources in the face of the massive presence of the public in the streets of the city. In the Carnival Hospital it was necessary to treat a total of 32 people, 19 adults and 13 minors. Regarding the symptoms of these people, in the group of adults, 14 were treated for alcohol intoxication; five due to falls or injuries; one for drug intoxication; four for common illness; and seven in the section on other causes. Of the minors, 75% had alcohol poisoning.

The agents of the unit attached to the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office, which are also present in the Carnival Hospital device, registered 12 minors, seven boys and five young people between the ages of 15 and 17.

During the day, a total of nine people were treated at the so-called Violet Point of the Santa Cruz Carnival, four men and five women. All interventions were related to informative and advisory issues.

As in previous days, through the municipal Twitter accounts of the Center for Operational Coordination of the Municipal Administration (Cecopal) @CECOPALSC or the Local Police of the capital @PoliciaLocalSC, as well as the Civil Protection volunteer @ProteCivilSCTF, information has been issued on the evolution of the work carried out by this preventive device with the label #HospitalCarnavalSC

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