The traditional ‘shielding’ returns in shops and portals to avoid the ravages of Carnival in Santa Cruz

It has been two years since this almost traditional picture was seen on the streets of Santa Cruz of Tenerife. But now, with the return of the carnivals In the center of the capital of Tenerife, a multitude of shops and building portals once again remove their security doors, their plastics and any other barrier that serves so that, while the party lasts, the damage caused by the crowd that is expected to flood is avoided. these days the city.

Some buildings keep their carnival barriers throughout the year to use them when the festivities begin; others use throwaway methods, such as covering stairs, doors, and shop windows with cardboard or plastic. Anything goes to prevent the entrances to shops or homes from turning into makeshift bathrooms, taking advantage of architectural nooks and crannies. And this despite the fact that the center has been filled these days with portable toilets, which are never enough.

Also the gardens and squares of the town have been armored to protect them from the crowd that is expected from this Thursday to Sunday in the streets of Santa Cruz. These are several examples of how some manage to protect themselves from the ravages of Carnival.

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