The president of the Canarian Parliament intervenes in the Act of Honors and Distinctions of La Laguna

The president of the Parliament of the Canary Islands, Gustavo Matos, spoke this Wednesday at the Act of Honors and Distinctions of the City Council of San Cristóbal de La Laguna, in Tenerife.

Nivaria Tejera, Javier de la Rosa, Honorio García, Luis Dávila, the El Rosario Fight Club (Valle Guerra) and the Comparsa Los Joroperos Cultural Association were honored.

“La Laguna is, above all, its people. We are from the place where we are born, from the place where we grow up, but also from the place where we sow and from the place that welcomes us. All of you magnify the name of this municipality with your work; they are worthy ambassadors of La Laguna”, he expressed during the act, which was chaired by the mayor, Luis Yeray Gutiérrez.

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