The beginning of the end of the dilapidated Iders building in Puerto de la Cruz

The City Council of Puerto de la Cruz communicated this Tuesday to the owners of the iders building the declaration of imminent ruin of the property and the consequences that this declaration, which has all the necessary technical and legal reports, deploys to resolve a situation that has lasted more than 30 years.

The decline of the Iders building: 31 years of abandonment, violence and rubbish in the tourist heart of Tenerife

The decline of the Iders building: 31 years of abandonment, violence and rubbish in the tourist heart of Tenerife

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The decision will be notified to the parties after calling a new technical meeting within two weeks, in which doubts and technical questions that some owners may have regarding this declaration of imminent ruin may be transferred. With this statement, the owners are urged to clean and board up a building after the eviction of the 9 people who still occupy the property illegally, an eviction that will take place in the next few hours.

“This declaration represents a before and after to offer a comprehensive solution not only to the owners but also to the residents of the adjoining buildings and to the image of the city itself, which has been greatly affected in the last quarter of a century, and It will have all the municipal resources that are necessary, because we already have all the reports that consolidate, with all the legal guarantees, the commitment of the administration to face this entrenched situation,” explained Mayor Marco González.

In the meeting with the owners, the Sustainable City councilor David Hernández detailed the entire process that has been followed from the area for which he is responsible to decree this imminent ruin, which is the proposed solution that includes “in addition to the eviction that will be carried out the police and which has already been informed to the people who occupy the building, the cleaning and fencing by the owners after being notified, after which the presentation of the technical project for its subsequent demolition will be urged.

After this technical meeting and previously notified, if the owners do not carry out the actions that arise from this declaration of imminent ruin within the corresponding periods established by law, the City Council will be empowered as a subsidiary to the development of these actions, subsequently affecting the cost of all actions to the owners, as established by current regulations.

This roadmap with the deadlines set by law, is the culmination of a whole process in which the municipal technical area of ​​Sustainable City has intervened, to illuminate a solution that gives the maximum legal guarantees, a solution committed to the search for measures that respond to a problem that has been occurring since the eviction of the building was decreed in 1991 due to aluminosis and after years of legal vicissitudes that have complicated a controversy to the extreme, which finally has a response backed by all the necessary technical and legal reports.

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