Sí Podemos defends a tourist moratorium in the face of the “predation” of the island

The spokeswoman for Sí Podemos Canarias in the Cabildo de Tenerife, María José Belda, will defend this Friday in the plenary session of the Corporation a motion in favor of a tourist moratorium on the island to curb “predatory policies” and “crazy” housing infrastructure projects.

An expert warns of the saturation of population and cars in Tenerife

An expert warns of the saturation of population and cars in Tenerife

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María José Belda calls in a statement for the tourism model to be reoriented and for a legislative initiative to be promoted to develop a tourism moratorium in Tenerife in the face of “the overpopulation” suffered by the territory “and the crazy tourism infrastructure projects that intend to continue destroying the island” .

Belda affirms that the Cabildo “must listen to the great citizen protest” that calls for an imminent stop to “the predatory policies with our land.” He thus referred to the massive demonstration that last June 11 toured the center of Santa Cruz de Tenerife in protest against the urban and hotel macroproject which has already begun to be built in the Port of Adeje and against a development model based on cement and construction.

To this end, it asks the Cabildo to immediately set up work meetings with professionals, associations, environmental groups and specialized entities to address the need to carry out a specific study on the Tenerife carrying capacity.

The spokeswoman for Sí Podemos Canarias explains that these meetings should also serve to agree on the criteria that govern said study and the Cabildo de Tenerife assumes responsibility for “the oversized amount of population that the island supports between residents and tourists.”

In the same way, the review of the Insular Territorial Planning Plan is also proposed to adapt it to the reality of the tourist load on the island.

In his opinion, the sun and beach tourism model that for decades has greatly exploited Tenerife’s resources has contributed to numerous collateral problems such as vehicle overloading that affects mobility and environmental sustainability, excess polluting discharges into the sea and problems with the treatment of the large amount of waste accumulated on the island, among others.

María José Belda calls for a broad and in-depth debate on the transformation of the current tourism model “towards another that is committed to quality tourism and not quantity, and limiting the creation of new tourist places in Tenerife”, with a great debate open to the real and effective citizen participation.

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