these are all the winners of the Murgas Contest

crazy devils has been made with the first prize of Interpretation of the Murgas contest of Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerifefalling second place to Zetas Zetasfollowed by Bambooswhich won the third prize, and a second prize for rompers.

VIDEO |  The acclaimed performance of the murga Los Bambones at the Tenerife Carnival: "The creeps!"

VIDEO | The applauded performance of the murga Los Bambones at the Tenerife Carnival: “The hair stands on end!”

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In the Presentation section, the first prize went to Los Trabachones for their fantasy This is my kingdom this is my law I no longer obey any king.

The second in the same category went to Los Diablos Locos with The tricontinental cande majorettes have arrived at the Carnival; and MásQLocas obtained the third prize for Presentation thanks to Laugh clown, Carnival is back.

Similarly, a second prize was awarded to Los Chinchosos for their costume Colorful and fantasy from a distant galaxy to invade the Carnival.

In addition to these prizes, the Samuel Armas Trophy was distributed among the murgas, given by the murga Los Chinchosos to the murga Los Tiralenguas.

The prize for the best president of José Manuel Guiance Fernández, given by the murga Los Trabachones, to José Cortés of the children’s murga Los Rebeldes.

Meanwhile, the Jorge González Palmero award for best percussion was also awarded by the murga Los Trabachones and went to Emelio Pérez de la Nifú-Nifá.

Similarly, the Murguero of the Year award, an award that is decided by popular vote through the Factoría de Carnaval website, went to Amelia Casanova, from the murga Burlonas.

José Rafael González Pérez, founding member of Paralepipedos and Afilarmónica Trique Traques and director between 1970 and 1990, received the Special Mention of the Murguero of the Year Award, which is directly awarded by the Factoría del Carnaval team.

Finally, the Borja Reyes Award for best artistic director, awarded by Ni Pico Ni Corto, went to Tati García, from the murga group Las Desatadas; and the Tom Carby Prize, awarded by Diablos Locos, this year went to Las Desatadas.

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