Sí Podemos Canarias requires the Cabildo de Tenerife to verify that the precautionary suspension of the works in Puertito de Adeje is complied with

The island group Sí Podemos Canarias in the Cabildo de Tenerife has announced that it has registered “a requirement requesting verification of compliance with the order of precautionary suspension of the works in Puertito de Adeje, issued by the corporation on May 31” . The organization has indicated in a statement that “after disseminating said order”, it suspects “that it was not complied with” and warns that it is aware that “on June 2 this led to the filing of a complaint with the Canarian Agency for the Protection of the Natural Environment, because works would have continued to be carried out in the place, as the association Salvar La Tejita denounced publicly and before the competent institution.

"They will end up kicking out the fishermen from Puertito de Adeje": Tenerife manifests itself in rejection of the tourist macroproject

“They will end up kicking out the fishermen from Puertito de Adeje”: Tenerife expresses its rejection of the tourism macro-project

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Sí Podemos Canarias has highlighted in the note that the island government team “must adopt all the legal measures that are necessary to guarantee that said precautionary stoppage order is complied with, since it is intolerable that more heritage could have been destroyed with impunity, especially when there is a public order of suspension. For this reason, the insular group has also demanded that “in the event of non-compliance being detected, the corresponding sanctions be imposed.”

In this sense, the political force recalls that “it is not the first time that we have verified the persistence in this type of action despite having a stoppage order, as has already happened with the works of the La Tejita hotel, whose works They went ahead when they had a stoppage order issued by the General Directorate for Sustainability of the Coast and the Sea in June 2020.”

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