The Government of the Canary Islands will build 100 officially protected homes in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The public company Visocan will build a hundred homes in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This is what they advance in a statement issued this Tuesday. These are two Contests for the Execution of New Home Construction, both on two Plots in the area of ​​La Gallega, in the southwestern district of the capital of Tenerife.

Fifty of these homes, with their garages and storage rooms, will be located on a plot located in the Glorieta Cercado Corazón, between Culantrillo, Cambullón and Aloé streets.

The other 50 will be located on a plot located on Avenida Las Hespérides and Glorieta Cercado Corazón.

The term of execution of both promotions, since the execution of the work was awarded, will be two years.

As the Managing Director of the public company, Víctor González, explained: “With the start of these two developments, we are taking an important step in what has always been VISOCAN’s social objective: to put on the market housing under the official protection system for affordable prices, for all those families who, due to income, cannot go to the strictly public housing sector, but neither, due to income, to the private market, which right now is in a situation of continuous price growth. Our job is to put, in the housing sector, as many houses as possible at affordable prices for Canarian families”.

The estimated value of the contract for the works of 50 homes in Plot E-2.43 amounts to 5,806,968.70 euros. While the estimated value of the contract for the works on Plot E-2,111 amounts to 5,262,585.87 euros, thus the total investment is just over 11 million euros in the sum of the two housing developments officially protected , whose destination will be rent at affordable prices.

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