The adult murgas contest of the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife starts this Monday

The Tenerife Fairgrounds will host this Monday at 9:00 p.m. the first phase of the Carnival adult murgas contest with the intervention of the first six murgas. The other two phases will take place on June 14 and 15 and the final, on Friday 17.

The interpretation jury for the phases and finals of the competition is made up of Eduardo Peña González, graduated in Percussion from the Professional Conservatory of Music of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and president of the Symphonic Band of the University of La Laguna; Virginia Guantanamera Bigñotte, international singer and composer, with three Cubadisco awards in her musical career; Teresa de Jesús Jerónimo Hernández, music teacher and graduate in Musical Language Pedagogy.

The jury is completed by Kiko Barroso, journalist and broadcaster for Canarias Radio; María José Cámara Cabeza, contributor to Canarias Radio, singer, musical director, actress and journalist; Laura Vanesa Rodríguez de León, director and head of production for Ahora TV, presenter of the Murgas del Norte de Tenerife contest; Sergio Branic, presenter, singer and actor; Joel Angelino, actor and director of the La Ventana Mágica Performing Arts Association; Joche Rubio, teacher and theater actor, actor in the series Iron and in the movies palm trees in the snow Y Yucatan.

In the presentation section, the winners will be decided by Violeta Almenar García, Higher Patternmaking Technician, textile teacher and costume maker; María Yolanda Cañas Palacio, professor at the Fernando Estévez School of Art and Superior Design, and Noemí Torres Méndez, fashion designer.

The three phases, which will open on this occasion always female murgas as determined by the draw for the order of participation held last Tuesday, will act in this order: First phase, Tras con Tras; Zetas Zetas; rompers; Trapaseros; Chinchosos, and La Sonora; Second phase, Mocking; Crazy Devils; Triqui Traques; runaway; MasQLocas, and Neither Peak nor Short. Third phase, Diabolic; sleeves rolled up; Trabachones, Bambones, and Untied.

The final of the adult murgas contest will be held on Friday, June 17 from 9:00 p.m. at the Fairgrounds and will include the participation of the groups that obtain the highest scores in the previous phases.

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