Adolfo González, new mayor of Los Realejos

The Plenary Hall of the City Council of Los Realejos has hosted this Saturday an extraordinary plenary session in which the new mayor for the municipality has been elected, after the recent resignation of the position formalized by Manuel Domínguez.

Until now the deputy mayor of Los Realejos and spokesman for the Municipal Group of the Popular Party, Adolfo González Pérez-Siverio, obtained the favorable vote of 15 of the 20 councilors present at the plenary session, being proclaimed mayor and taking office.

The plenary session was chaired by the second deputy mayor, Noelia González, who gave the floor to the three councilors who were running for mayor as head of the list of their respective formations and municipal groups.

In the first place, it was done by the Municipal Group of the Canarian Coalition-PNC, its representative, María Isabel Pérez Expósito, followed by the head of the list of the Municipal Group of the Socialist Party, Miguel Agustín García Rodríguez, and closed the turn of interventions and presentation of candidacies on own representative of the Municipal Group of the Popular Party.

After her speeches, the president of the plenary gave way to the vote of each of the 20 councilors present at the session of the 21 that make up the Municipal Corporation, resulting in a total of 15 favorable votes for Adolfo González Pérez-Siverio ( whose group has 15 representatives), 4 votes in favor for Miguel Agustín García Rodríguez (whose group is made up of 5 councilors) and 1 vote in favor for María Isabel Pérez Expósito (the only representative of her party).

During the session, as another item on the agenda, the plenary took notice of the resignation presented by Manuel Domínguez also to his act as councilor of the City Council of Los Realejos, which he still held after his resignation in the first instance to the Mayor’s Office.

With this, the Municipal Group of the Popular Party leaves a vacancy among its 15 representatives, which will be filled shortly as soon as the relevant processing is carried out and its approval by the Electoral Board.

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