The Cabildo de Tenerife, with the rejection of Sí Podemos, approves investing more than 5 million euros in the Motor Circuit

The plenary session of the Cabildo de Tenerife has approved this Friday, with the votes in favor of PSOE, Cs, CC-PNC and PP, and the rejection of Sí Podemos, a credit modification to incorporate 5.1 million of the remaining treasury into the 2022 budget and thus promote the construction works of the Atogo Motor Circuit.

The PP asks for 60 million euros for the Tenerife Motor Circuit for being an investment "strategic"

The PP asks for 60 million euros for the Tenerife Motor Circuit for being a “strategic” investment

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The president, Pedro Martín, has shown his joy at the “support” for the proposal after the blockade of the last plenary session and trusts that the CC and PP motions will also go ahead in which they request a multi-year investment plan – they will also be debated in this session – to achieve the greatest “unity” before the motor subsector.

However, he has lamented the delay in processing the credit modification because “every day that passes is one day less” to spend the money.

The vice president and spokesman for Cs, Enrique Arriaga, has pointed out that the works are divided into three large blocks due to “technical issues” and now this part is being undertaken because the rest of the projects are not yet ready.

Carlos Alonso, spokesman for the Nationalist Group, has admitted that the Cabildo will not have the capacity to execute the funds this year but is “confident” that the expense will also be recorded in 2023 together with the multi-year investment.

The nationalists have not been able to push through a package of amendments in which they asked for resources to fight poverty or the purchase of houses on the market to make them available for social rent.

Zaida González (PP) has clarified that her group has not changed its vote, but that the Government has changed the proposal in the face of the “dictatorial system” of the past plenary session, which demonstrates the lack of willingness of the government team to negotiate agreements, while He has remarked that his party “has always supported the project.”

The spokeswoman for Sí Podemos, María José Belda, has defended the “historical” position of the purple coalition against the motor circuit and has highlighted how CC and PP have changed their position “in 23 days” when they asked for that money to be dedicated to social games.

In addition, he has said that they have been opposing this project for two terms, which shows that they are not a “crutch” of the government group.

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