Canarian Coalition accuses the PSOE of hiding information about the urban project of Puertito de Adeje

The municipal group of the Canarian Coalition (CC) in Adeje has criticized in a press release that the Government of the Canary Islands, together with the City Council, the Cabildo de Tenerife and the General Directorate of Coasts, institutions governed by the PSOE, “hid the information” Over the urban projects of Puertito de Adeje and “no neighbor was aware of the periods of public exposure for the presentation of their corresponding allegations, as well as by any other person, association, body or institution.”

Puertito de Adeje: the president of the Canary Islands avoids rejecting the tourist macro-project in Armeñime

Puertito de Adeje: the president of the Canary Islands avoids rejecting the tourist macro-project in Armeñime

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According to the nationalists, the institutions gave the go-ahead to Cradle of the soul, the controversial plan that aims to urbanize the enclave with luxury homes, hotels, swimming pools, a spa, a 20,000 square meter orchard, restaurants, a beach club and even a jetty. Coalition indicates that this is stated in the documentation sent by the local council, information that it requested two weeks ago by entry registration. The request requested the reports from the General Directorate of Coasts and the Sea and territorial policy of the Government of the Canary Islands, and information on all the licenses granted that have derived from this urban project.

They add in the statement that in all the documentation received it is confirmed that the four institutions gave free rein to Cuna del alma, with an occupation forecast of 437,000 square meters of land for the construction of 420 luxury residences, a hotel, swimming pools, restaurant and other buildings “that will be built very close to the Caleta de Adeje Protected Natural Area, declared a Site of Scientific Interest due to its landscape relevance and the flora and fauna that live there”.

“The project is located in an area of ​​great environmental value. On the coast, Puertito beach, as well as those of Diego Hernández and La Caleta, are within the Teno-Rasca Special Conservation Zone, which has a large number of fragile and endangered animal species, such as green turtles, and has a high degree of protection”, says the note

He adds that on land, from the coast to the mountains, a large plot is considered a Site of Scientific Interest, a Protected Natural Area “in which its own conservation regulations make it difficult to understand that Ecological Transition reported favorably,” explains the nationalist spokesman for Adeje, Oliver Tacoronte.

In the documentation provided by the Adeje City Council, it is even ensured that “there are no licenses granted” for the aforementioned scope of action, recalling that in the plenary session of December 29, 2021, it was agreed to reject the allegations that existed and approve, definitively , the establishment and adjudication of the private execution system for compensation in the Puertito de Adeje action unit.

According to CC, the Cabildo de Tenerife gave the go-ahead through the Insular Water Council in a report dated September 9, 2021, in which it reported “in a favorable sense” given the reports on the urbanization project.

It adds that the Government of the Canary Islands, through a resolution of the Ministry of Ecological Transition and the Fight against Climate Change, authorized “the execution of the urbanization project of the Puertito de Adeje sector in an easement area for the protection of the maritime public domain terrestrial”, resolution that was communicated to the Adeje City Council on February 3 of this year 2022.

The CC note indicates that the General Directorate of Coasts did not even assess the project, since it states in its document that “it has been received in this Provincial Coastal Service on March 6, 2021 from the Adeje City Council on reference project, without requesting anything in particular”.

This training indicates that, after knowing the content of these reports, if the law is complied with in all its areas, environmental values ​​and its biodiversity must be respected, the marine strategy must also be respected, as well as the public use of the beach ” for the enjoyment of all and not just a few”

From the Canarian Coalition of Adeje they recall that they already denounced this situation in 2014 after the PSOE approved a specific modification of sector 6 of the General Planning Plan (PGO), where it was proposed that the homes of El Puertito at the foot of the coast have commercial use, prohibiting residential use.

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