Coup to drug trafficking in Tenerife, with 13 people arrested

The National Police has completed the Operation Calixto with the dismantling of a criminal organization that operated mainly in the north of Tenerife. There are 13 people arrested and more than 12,500 euros in cash, 36 kilograms of hashish, 700 grams of cocaine, 800 grams of marijuana, six cars and three motorcycles have been seized.

The investigation began in mid-2021 when the agents, after consulting and contrasting the data offered by different sources of information, concluded that an organization dedicated to drug trafficking operated in the north of the island of Tenerife.

As the investigation progressed, they learned that the organization, although it acted mainly in that area, extended its action to the entire province.

The modus operandi used by its members differed from what was observed in classic pyramidal criminal organizations because its members acted as independent cells.

Thus, the Police details, “each one obtained and sold drugs based on the reserves they had and in this way they showed a certain autonomy and initiative.”

The exploitation of the operation involved the development of a complex device in which different units of the National Police and the Unit of Canine Guides of the Local Police of Santa Cruz de Tenerife participated.

Five of the detainees, after being placed at the disposal of the competent judicial authority, entered prison.

The investigation of the National Police has been coordinated with the Court of Instruction Number 5 of La Orotava and the Anti-Drug Prosecutor of the Provincial Court of Tenerife.

The actions have been carried out by national police of the UDYCO-Organized Crime of the Provincial Police Station of the National Police of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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