Kilometric queues on the TF-5 due to an accident in Guajara

A traffic accident on the TF-5, at the height of the Guajara Campus and in the direction of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, has left kilometer-long traffic jams on the highway on Thursday morning.

The congestion had its origin in a collision between two vehicles, which occurred around 07:00 hours, reports the Emergency and Security Coordination Center of the Government of the Canary Islands (CECOES 1-1-2). At the scene of the events, the necessary emergency resources worked, including the Civil Guard and the Canary Emergency Service (SUC), which assessed a person with cervical pain.

The cars were quickly removed from the road, but the retentions continue an hour and a half later. Around 08:30 am, the queue reached the municipality of La Matanza.

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