The Cabildo de Tenerife announces that it will review the reports of the hotel project in Puertito de Adeje

The president of the Cabildo de Tenerife, Pedro Martín, has given orders to the officials and technicians of the corporation to start reviewing all the reports of the Cradle of the Soul urban project which is already being built next to Puertito de Adeje.

VIDEO |  The hotel project that will transform Puertito de Armeñime, in 90 seconds

VIDEO | The hotel project that will transform Puertito de Armeñime, in 90 seconds

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“We are going to enforce the law,” he told reporters, while affirming that it is necessary to be certain that the project, which involves the construction of more than 400 luxury apartments with an investment of almost 350 million euros, complies with all urban and environmental regulations and does not invade any protected space.

Martín has specified that all the reports that depend on the Cabildo “have been favorable”, but has made it clear that the corporation “will act directly” if it is shown that all legal regulations are not complied with.

He has pointed out that the Cabildo “is very much on top” of this project and has insisted that it must be guaranteed that there is no “environmental, urban and landscape alteration” and that “it is beyond any doubt” that it is acting in accordance with the law current.

Behind the project are two investment families from Belgium, Vandermarliere and Van Biervliet. Both have “a strong portfolio of real estate projects, both in Belgium and internationally”, highlighted the construction group on the day the works began, on May 5.

This mega urban and hotel project aims to occupy 437,000 square meters of land with the construction of 420 luxury residences, a hotel, swimming pools, a restaurant and other buildings that will be built very close to the Caleta de Adeje Protected Natural Area, declared a Site of Interest Scientific for its landscape relevance and the flora and fauna that live there.

Several environmental organizations, as well as Sí Podemos Canarias and Nueva Canarias, have already spoken out against the project due to its strong environmental impact. A citizen assembly convened for last Saturday in Armeñime managed to bring together more than half a thousand people, who shared information about urbanization plans, their effect on fauna and flora, and took a stand against the project.

In addition, last week a collection of signatures against the project began, which in just 24 hours exceeded 10,000 signatures. This Monday it already has more than 23,000.

Invasion of a protected area

One of the main reasons for the rejection of Cuna del Alma by environmentalists, citizens and political parties is that it is located in an area of ​​great environmental value. On the coast, Puertito beach, as well as those of Diego Hernández and La Caleta, are within the Teno-Rasca Special Conservation Zone, which has a large number of fragile and endangered animal species, such as green turtles, and has a high degree of protection. And on land, from the coast to the mountains, a large parcel is considered a Site of Scientific Interest, a Protected Area in which its own conservation regulations establish that this type of project cannot be carried out.

As can be seen in the following map of the area, the plan provided by the builders locates an orchard of about 20,000 square meters with a part within the SIC, which contravenes the environmental regulations of the Cabildo, which is the one who has the competence for its preservation.

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