The Prosecutor’s Office asks for eight years in prison for a man for downloading and sharing abundant pedophile material in Tenerife

A man will be tried next Thursday in the Fifth Section of the Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife accused of downloading abundant pedophile material and sharing it through instant messaging applications.

The Prosecutor’s Office asks for the defendant, of Italian nationality and resident in Adeje, eight years in prison for a crime of corruption of minors.

As stated in the qualification brief, the investigation was based on the alert from a non-governmental organization in the United States to the Group of the Central Technological Investigation Brigade of the National Police about a user who had hosted 76 remote storage systems. pornographic files of minors and provided the access addresses to the profile.

A court in Santa Cruz de Tenerife required the internet provider company to provide the data of this client, who could be identified in this way.

At the entrance and registration of his home, in Adeje, a mobile phone and a laptop were seized.

After analyzing the mobile, the Police verified that the accused had downloaded 1,796 files and 124 videos through different social networks and links located in virtual storage spaces as well as from different foreign web pages, whose nomenclatures are frequently used in pedophile slang .

These contained images and videos of naked minors exhibiting their genitals and having relationships with both adults and other minors.

Likewise, he was able to verify that by means of instant messaging applications, the accused intervened in group and individual conversations, in which the users who were part of them exchanged a multitude of child pornography files as a means of avoiding their expulsion in them and being prevented from obtain new pedophile material.

Among the material that the defendant shared there was a video “with especially degrading content”, the Prosecutor’s Office states in the qualification letter, as well as another in which a girl is subjected to “brutal sexual practices”.

After the analysis of the telephone device, 950 images and 8 video files of pornographic content of minors were found in it.

In addition to 8 years in prison, the Public Ministry requests special disqualification from profession or trade, employment or public office, whether or not paid, in which there is regular and direct contact with minors, for a period of 12 years.

Also, the measure of probation for an additional time of 10 years to the custodial sentence that is imposed in the sentence.

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