The City Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife approves almost 20 million euros for works and projects in the last year of the legislature

The plenary session of the Santa Cruz City Council approved in its extraordinary session this Tuesday the authorization of 19 million euros to face different works and projects, taking into account the economic solvency available to the financial health of municipal accounts, funds from Remnants Treasury for General Expenses (RTGG) or Expenses with Affected Financing (RTGFA).

Among the investments are the 932,505 euros planned for the acquisition of statues for the future Rodin Museum in Santa Cruz; the 2,372,000 euros for the purchase of the plot of land on Calle de La Rosa in order to allocate it for parking, essential for the remodeling and accessibility of this area of ​​El Toscal, or the 1,007,552 euros for the maintenance of the schools in the municipality in the five districts, all these amounts enabled for the Heritage area and that add up to a total of 4,312,057 euros.

In another section, corresponding to the Public Services area, the purchase of buses with funds from European Next Generation, with an amount of 3,300,000 euros; the 650,000 euros provided for temporary parking on Juan Albornoz street; 420,000 euros for the remodeling of different islets; the 5,630,000 euros for the rehabilitation of pavements in the five districts of the municipality, or the enclosures of the respective Manuel Castañeda and La Estrella parks, with 136,000 and 400,000 euros.

Also included in this area is the 800,000 euros to undertake emergency works for the rehabilitation and safety of the La Ermita path, an action that will guarantee the safety of the houses and buildings located in the vicinity from the danger of landslides. In addition, 390,000 euros are earmarked for the parking lot at Las Teresitas beach, as well as 2,279,599.35 euros, to which should be added a further 677,343.65 euros from the first section, for the remodeling and updating of playgrounds, reaching thus at 2,956,9543 euros.

For the mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez, “this budget modification, which significantly increases the funds allocated to different investment projects, is one of the responses of the Santa Cruz City Council to the situation of economic uncertainty and crisis as a result of certain factors” and adds that “those events that have weighed down the incipient post-COVID recovery have to do, preferably, with the high prices of electricity supplies or the crisis linked to the war in Ukraine.”

The councilor for the Treasury of Santa Cruz, Juan José Martínez, for his part, maintained that “the City Council thus seeks to stimulate the city’s economy with this investment package that it can undertake thanks to the financial health that the liquidation of the budget and budgetary stability by the General Comptroller of this Corporation” and adds that “these actions have the common characteristic of dealing with immediately executable projects, in the sense that for all of them there is already a project or its execution is relatively simple from the point of view of from an administrative point of view”, concludes the councilor.

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